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CRP Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber horse boots. Well regarded and highly renowned, CRP Industries’ horse boot range is the best on the market. SIMS bell horse boots are designed to fit over a horse's whole hoof area, creating a bell-like shape after which they are named.

For long-lasting quality, strength, and durability choose SIMS, specialist horse boot suppliers.

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Ribbed Boots

Our ribbed bell horse boots are quite flexible and give a lot of stretch. This allows for easy application and removal, for you and your horse. You can also purchase ribbed hook and loop horse boots...

Sprint Bell Boots

Like our range of ribbed boots, our sprint bell horse hoof boots offer incredible flexibility and stretch. Thanks to their easy application, putting boots on your horse no longer has to be a chore...

Gooseneck Boots

Our gooseneck hoof boots are produced from flexible and stretchy rubber that can be fitted on horse’s hooves quickly and easily. They have the longest necks of the entire range for extra protection...

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