Why Sims

There are a number of reasons that people choose to use SIMS horse hoof protection boots, including:

SIMS flexible rubber boots provide full horse hoof protection. They encircle a horse’s ankle, protecting the heels, coronary bands, and bulbs of the horse’s front hooves.

It’s necessary for a horse to wear bell boots if they are inclined to overreach. That is, if the horse is inclined to catch his front heels with the toes of his back feet. This overreaching is the reason that bell boots are sometimes known as overreach boots.

If a horse is poorly shod it can result in shoes that protrude behind his feet. If a horse overreaches, he can loosen or totally dislodge the front shoes. This is most likely to happen when the horse is jumping or riding in muddy conditions that have a slippery surface. Bell boots can effectively help prevent this from happening.

Our horse safety boots will also provide some protection and lessen the chance of a horse accidentally losing a shoe when he is out in pasture.

If a horse is used for polo or polocrosse, a set of polocrosse horse safety boots are a necessity.

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